Wizard of Oz Festival Souvenirs

Annual Chesterton IndianaWizard of Oz FestivalOfficial SouvenirsSales from this page goes directly to the Festival organization for the continuance and development of the Festival itself.Festival dates for 2005 areSeptember 16, 17 & 18, 2005

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Collectible Coin Case Set
Wizard of Oz Festival Collectible Coin SetThis is a numbered set of 182 of Chesterton Indiana’s First limited edition Commemorative Coin Sets. You can own a piece of Chesterton’s history as holding the largest Wizard Of Oz Festival in the world.Each year, the Wizard of Oz Festival produces a collectible coin based on that years theme. On one side of the coin is that year’s theme; on the other side is always the OZ Festival logo.In 2001, after a set of 10 coins was produced, they made a collectible coin set. Each set includes all 10 coins from 1992 through 2001.*Only 182 Coin sets were made*It is two-sided, glass-enclosed solid oak engraved case*The backside of the case shows a color picture of the Festival’s Official Oz Costumed Characters on a colorful background with the backside of one coin showing through with the Festival’s logo.*The case stands slightly higher than 8” tall by 91/2” wide.*Each set was numbered from one to 182.*Many coins in this are no longer available at the Festival.This is really a unique piece that is sure to go up in value over the years.Each years theme is different on each coin, starting with 1992 Wicked Witch, 1993 Emerald City, 1994 Tin Man, 1995 Scarecrow, 1996 15th Anniversary of the Festival, 1997 Lion, 1998 Munchkins, 1999 Glinda, 2000 Dorothy & Toto, and 2001 the Wizard.See additional photos to the right.